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Screencasts and simulations generally go hand in hand as I find it's great to 'show' and then 'do' in a safe environment, below you will see a mobile screencast, a desktop screencast and a demo of a software simulation.

Changing Your Address in the HR System

Recorded using the built in LMS recorder

Created as part of the OnBoarding programme to educate staff on how to use the HR System.

Downloading the FUSE App

Recording using the built in screen recorder on the iPhone

This was created to support our staff in downloading the Fuse app so they can learn on the go.

Raising a PO

Built in: Articulate Storyline 2

This was created as part of our Purchasing System Learning Plan, after watching the screencast and completing the eLearning they would then complete the simulation to allow them to practise what they have learnt. This video is just a demo of the simulation.