HTML writing has been a skilled I have used so much – building custom wikis and sharepoints is a key one, writing in HTML gives you so much freedom to achieve the look and feel, which is easy and familiar to our learners. For Next Gen learning platforms it makes customisation so easy!

All of the assets in this portfolio form part of bigger blended learning plans which contain a variety of assets, assessments and social learning.

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A Leadership Development programme was being hosted on an external LMS because the standard LMS was not suitable for their requirements. But hosting this external LMS was costly and admin heavy. As such the team wanted an in house solution but made it clear they did not want to use the standard LMS or wiki.
One saving grace was that they were not bothered about trackability. Nonetheless we were fairly limited on internal tools that would be suitable and after research I proposed the option of a custom wiki to them, I created to mocks of what this could look like. Knowing that they had said they didn’t want wiki I wanted to highlight what we could do with wiki and broaden their understanding.
They were very pleased with the mocks and so we moved forward to move 4 extensive learning plans onto wiki.

Below you can see a quick tour.