animated filmed screencasts

All of the assets in this portfolio form part of bigger blended learning plans which contain a variety of assets, assessments and social learning.

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These are great for simple concepts that otherwise may take 3 or 4 slides to explain. Videos can be more engaging and easy to review again.

When to engage legal

Built in Vyond.
The video was developed as part of the Legal 101 training which introduced key legal concepts.

Calling in sick at iQ

Built in Vyond.
The video was developed as part of iQ's OnBoarding programme to educate staff on some of the key policies. Storyboarded, recorded and built by me.

iQ's vision and values

Built by an external company. Storyboarded by Me.
The video was developed by an external company but storyboarded by me. It was created to support the launch of iQ's new values and now forms an integral part of our OnBoarding programme.

screen recordings.

An absolute staple! Recording a screen to show how to use a system is great to show the learner how to do something from the off but it’s also quick and easy for the learner to refer back to.

Changing your address in the HR system

Recorded using the built in LMS recorder.
Created as part of the OnBoarding programme to educate staff on how to use the HR System.

Downloading the FUSE app

Recording using the built in screen recorder on the iPhone.
This was created to support our staff in downloading the Fuse app so they can learn on the go.

Raising a PO

Built in: Articulate Storyline 2.
This was created as part of our Purchasing System Learning Plan, after watching the screencast and completing the eLearning they would then complete the simulation to allow them to practise what they have learnt. This video is just a demo of the simulation.


These are great for hearing from experts who lots of people don’t have access to – we can get best practises and a whole host of other information from leaders who people trust.
All the below were filmed by me, some on a green screen and with full lighting, and then edited in Premiere Pro.

Retail Lifehacks Channel

The concept of ‘Retail Lifehacks’ was conceived to bring experts in from across the business to interview with us about their programmes, answering various questions around tips and tricks, common concerns and how to address these, and an example of how to pitch the programme to vendors.
Over the last year we have uploaded over 200 videos across 30 programmes, with over 6500 views and an average rating of 4.8/5.

How to use your solo protect

This video was developed after the out of the box Solo Protect training failed to have an impact. The video forms part of our Lone Working programme and provides staff with information on how to use the device with a real life scenario for which it has been used.

Welcome to iQ

The video was developed as the first piece in our OnBoarding programme so that staff can put a face to our CEO and understand a bit of what he's about.