All of the assets in this portfolio form part of bigger blended learning plans which contain a variety of assets, assessments and social learning.

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Projects are born in two main ways for us at Amazon, either someone comes to us with a training need or we identify a training need from discussions with people throughout the business.


Irrespective of how the need arose, we would start by scoping whether this is really a training issue, once that’s been determined we will look at what the objectives are for this training, so what behaviours are we hoping to change, and who the audience is.


From there I will gather any and all material the SMEs have available and study up!


Once I have a good understanding of the topic at hand. I will then analyse what the best medium is for the topic at hand be it an eLearning, animated or filmed video, infographic, simulation, or social learning initiative or a blend of multiple mediums. I will generally check back with the SME to be sure they are happy with this plan.


I will prepare a storyboard for them. Storyboard comes in two main forms for us at Amazon this decision is based entirely on what the SME wants.


They can be a detailed PowerPoint laid out exactly as an eLearning or video would be including any proposed imagery and a script if required. Or in the form of a word doc which will be less comprehensive than the storyboard but is a quicker solution.


Once the storyboard is ready it gets sent over to the SME for review, dependent on the SMEs desire we can jointly review it or they can review it in their own time and feedback.


Once any changes are incorporated into the storyboard I will then move on to build it.


They will then have an opportunity to review it once more. If they have minimal changes at this stage I would encourage them to send it to other members of their team to gain more feedback. If they have major changes I would make them and send it for a final review where they can share with their teams and get final consolidated feedback.


From there we work to launch, where I will draft a comms plan. Our audience will influence what channels we will use but in the past have included targeted emails, wiki announcements, new stories, posters, app notifications and promotional videos.